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under my profile at the right, you will find our first blog poll. we are trying to decide which costumes to make for the kiddos and thought we would ask our faithful blog readers' opinions. luca is still too young to have a firm opinion. everything we suggest, he pretty much gets excited about.

the fairytale option is pretty popular now - he is always talking about dragons and calls me "mama dragon" sometimes. i also made up a dragon song that he requests before nap and bedtime. i think gia would be an adorable fairy princess and then she could wear the costume to her birthday party in december. i think we may make jesse a knight (to reign in the dragon) and myself something along the fairytale lines too.

the cowboy and horse is an obvious choice - luca already has a cowboy costume courtesy of uncle jay and aunt michelle and he is such a fan of the cowboy and horse thing. jesse and i could be cowpokes too i guess.

luca's favorite characters are the wonder pets and he really like tuck the turtle - seems a bit diffcult though. one of gia's nicknames around these parts is "the bee" - i think i would be a "hive" for my costume to go along with it.

bam bam and pebbles is more in reference to luca's personality and gia's cute hair. does that make me wilma? jesse is a bit small for fred.

one more option would be luca being a spider and jesse being a web, with gia and i being the bee and hive.


Josh Peters said...

Come on Annalea, no zombie option? You've gotta start training the little ones in being scary on Halloween.

My money's on the dragon option.

Megan said...

I think Peter Pan and Tinkerbell would be really cute too...

Roxanne said...

I too vote for a family dragon theme!! I think you should be a damsel is distress :)
we are doing a family costume idea as well- it took some convincing with J but he is down :)

annalea said...

i feel like a damsel in distress - ahhh, two munchkins are slowly driving me crazy , no, seriously, i think it will be the fairytale theme. luca has begun asking, "guca be dragon NOW!" i like peter pan and tinker bell - maybe next year? i also like little red riding hood and the big bad wolf, but i think gia needs to be walking to pull it off at its cutest. my dad also suggested dr. seuss characters - i think inspired by gia's pigtails. sorry, zombies will have to wait josh.

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