why do we do this to ourselves?

our sweet little luca has been very moody and emotionally high strung the last two days, while our baby girl gia has sprouted (word choice?) another bottom tooth with a top one visibly on the way. that is why you will find jesse and i awake at 11pm without any pressing desire to go to bed. i mean, yes, we are tired. very, very tired of navigating the minefield of luca's emotions. but we are savoring this opportunity to be awake without having either child cry, whine, yell, etc. so, if you are in the mood to hang out, pop on over and maybe you'll catch us tonight. it is quite nice with jesse playing guitar and singing some counting crows and don chaffer. (actually, don't come over and tempt us to be more irresponsible.)


Normal, IL said...

I TOTALLY understand. I haven't gotten 8 hrs of sleep for almost 7 months (since Stella was born), and yet I still keep staying up way too late and depriving myself further of sleep because it's just so enjoyable and freeing after she's asleep - the perfect time to work, watch tv, talk to Joel, drink wine, etc...

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