an overnight visit

thursday night, my sister maura and her boyfriend neema came for an overnight visit. jesse and i were able to finally meet neema and stayed up late chatting with our guests. although the kids were in bed before they arrived, luca and gia took full advantage of of these playmates friday morning and afternoon. luca woke up and asked, "who dat?" when he heard neema's voice downstairs. when i told him that his aunt maura and her boyfriend were here, he then asked "play in fort with guca?" i agreed that they might want to play in his fort and he basically did not let them rest until they left. gia loved having continuous attention - considering her brother usually tries to monopolize my time. since i was finishing up the wedding cake that morning, it was so great to have the kids cared for and occupied. i enjoyed seeing my sister and love giving luca and gia opportunities to get to know her better.

gia loved neema's necklace and basically ignored maura while it was in sight.

hanging out in the "fort" (the space made by the gate at the bottom of the stairs)

flying like an airplane

chillin' with her auntie


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