my hurt myself; my can't walk

uuugghhh! if luca tells me this one more time i will gnaw off my left foot ("i am very bendy"- oh phoebe i miss you) anyway, today continued the saga of the crabby, moody toddler and the teething, clingy infant. luca's fave new way of acting out is slapping gia and me repeatedly with both hands. he will also knock gia's hands off of whatever surface she is holding on to while standing. when i ask him (scratch that, tell him) to go to timeout, he falls down and exclaims, "my fall down; my hurt myself; my can't walk." to all of you amused by the cuteness of these words in written form, i beg you to come to my house and deal with my son. gia could not be put down this afternoon due to her extreme discomfort (i am assuming). all in all, a long day. i ate dinner in my bedroom by myself just to get some quiet. we'll see about tomorrow.

my prayer: please God, give me the patience to love my children tomorrow and give me a renewed heart towards motherhood.


Cara said...

You can do it!!!!

Annie (does anyone still you call you that?), You're as beautiful as ever.


Roxanne said...

hang in girl, I feel you! I will pray for you today!

annalea said...

carolyn! yes, jesse calls me that everyday and i would love to hear your voice again. are you on facebook or myspace - i finally am - we could exchange info through there. unless you have a better idea! love ya!

and thanks for the support both of you ladies!

C said...

Hey, you can email me at my I deleted my myspace page a while ago. It would be great to talk to you,too.

Jeanine said...

Carolyn sent me your blog and I was hoping we could be in touch as well. I think we could share a few stories of mommyhood, for I have a 22 1/2 year old at home. Lots of prayer and worship right, to get you through some days.
love - jeanine
facebook - Jeanine Nordquist

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