luca speak retired

i have decided to retire the current luca speak boxes to the right and begin updating them with luca's more recent words, phrases, and sentences. he still uses almost all of the current stuff - but his vocabulary is just booming and i want more opportunities to show it off to its full ability. i will probably do this every month or two. so here is the current stuff for one last perusal.

          • "guca" (how luca refers to himself)
          • "uh-huh" (an affirmative response in varying degrees of volume and enthusiasm)
          • "right dare" (right there - luca says this all the time)
          • "jaaa" (yeah)
          • "bobble tirsty" (water bottle)
          • "pizza/bath/backyard/etc. night" (when it is time to do something luca gleefully states the activity, food, place followed by the word night)
          • "mwa mwa" (grandpa - either hart or cashew)
          • "dada hat" (music, specifically country music)
          • "mama hat" (music sung with female vocals)
          • "like dat" (like that - said with a cuban accent)
          • "zhoom" (the noise things make when luca slides them across the table)
          • "gia boll-over" (gia rolled over)
          • "helmy" (helmet)
          • "caco!!!" (flaco - accompanied by chasing the cat around the house)
          • "escuse me" (excuse me)
          • "dank you" (thank you)
          • "guca esited" (i am excited)
          • "gia esited" (gia is excited for or proud of me)
          • "gia funny" (gia is laughing or i am funny)
          • "guca almos faw down" (i lost my balance and almost fell down)
          • "guca real careful" (i am going to be careful)
          • "me too"
          • "guca did it"
          • "dada jeep, dada car" (our jeep)
          • "mama car" (our lancer)
          • "gia cwawing" (gia is crawling)
          • "matoes" (tomatoes)
          • "yuc/luc" (luke) or "baby yuc"


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