a love for things swedish

examples from last week to prove this point:

1. grandma lee (my maternal grandmother) who met us for lunch and shopping twice

2. ikea - one of the places we met my grandma - we love to browse through the massive schaumburg store and buy a few things too.

3. meatballs (which can be found so yummily at ikea - to eat there and to bring home - you'll find two bags in our freezer)

4. lingonberries (so good with the meatballs or swedish pancakes - they even make a lingonberry drink you can get in ikea food market)

5. fish - the red, chewy, candy kind - a personal fave and my mom treated me to a box

6. geneva - can a town be swedish? well, they host a swedish days festival every summer that we like to attend when in town and at one point in history half of the town's population spoke the language. we met my grandma here on thursday. we love the big plate o' nachos at the little owl tavern and the unique shops may be beyond my budget but not my taste.

there are many more things swedish we love that were not part of our week - annikah engstrom and music (ABBA and Ace of Base) to name a couple. here's to next time!


Roxanne said...

Yeah- we get a shout out in the love of Swedish thangs! SO fun!! Anni is quite the little Swede!

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