in the magic garden

i think that my parent's front yard would be such a magical place as a child. it has a gorgeous picket fence put in by my dad and my mom has filled it with hydrangeas, roses, peonies, geraniums, begonias, and more. there are rusty beautiful planters, statues, and a birdbath. with the weather so cool and the sky so bright, we spent lovely afternoons in the magic garden. luca watered the plants for his cece and gia put every leaf in her mouth. the ivy and clematis grow wildly up the house and have to be cut around the windows and doors once a month. when sitting on the grass, you can almost forget your in suburbia and imagine some house in the country surrounded by woodland animals, while fairy princesses frolic and elves hide behind trees. or maybe that is just me.

games with grandpa

this green stuff is everywhere

oh, a leaf

uncle chris captures the boy

watering a plant

watering a statue


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