gia's big week

today gia turns 9 months old. i am not quite sure i am ready for her to be that old, but every day she is showing us that she is. last week, she had such a surge in the devleopment of new skills! even with my background in child development, i am still so amazed at how babies learn so much in such a short period of time. (or maybe due to my education and experience i am more awed by how God created our bodies and minds to grow.) the four biggies for gia in the last week:

  1. pulling to stand all on her own

  2. standing on her own for 5-10 second bursts

  3. clapping her hands to music

  4. signing "more" while eating (her first sign of course for food!)

yesterday i took her to the pediatrician for her well-visit. well, she passed (i mean i guess that in my mind of wanting some sort of thing to check off a list, i can pat myself on the back - "good job, ann, she survived so far!") anyway, she continues to hang out in the 90-97% at 23 lbs 1oz, and 29 inches. not surprising as i am down to about 2 pairs of pants that her thighs can fit into - one of them size 2T. i wonder if they cut the clothes differently for boys and girls because i don't remember it being this hard for luca and he was also a major chunker - my dad still calls him mr. cankles. if so, i request all ye designers in the infant fashion world to remember that some chubby babies need better representation.


Roxanne said...

I agree! Chubby babies want to be cute too! The only jeans Anni can fit are boys hand me downs, so sad! They are already pressuring lil girls to fit into skinny jean. I am outraged! At least Gia and Anni look cute no matter what they wear!

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