the yak, the pig, and the dancing bear

all at the county fair. well, maybe not a yak but a camel. definitely a pig - many many pigs and boy are they loud. and a bison that looked like a bear to luca. but he didn't dance. what nonsense am i writing? on sunday, we went to the county fair. the title of this post references a wonder pets ditty that sings about a county fair and i can't get it out of my mind. yeah for nick jr. and their oh so catchy tunes.
we have been waiting all summer to take luca to the county fair. with his love of farm animals, we knew that he would enjoy himself. we made the mistake of going on sunday - please learn from our experience - nothing is as good the last day. some of the exhibits were already removed and the crowds were minimal, which is not good if you want the man running the pony rides to open. we were able to walk through the smelly enclosures for the horses, pigs, cows, and sheep. actually very fun when your son is so excited about seeing everything. we watched the horse and rider costume display while eating a picnic lunch. luca's favorite was the horse dressed up like an elephant.

since the aforementioned pony ride man would not open up for us we told luca that we would come back after his nap and that pony would be resting just like him. when he woke up and i went into his room, the first thing he said to me was, "pony awake!" i agreed that the pony was probably awake and off we went back to the fair. this time there were enough people to hitch up the ponies and luca enjoyed his second pony ride in one week. (the previous being with my parents at their county fair last week.) we also fed some goats, bison, a donkey, and a camel in the little petting zoo. all in all, a nice family outing in the july heat that ended with ice cream and a funnel cake. (luca did not want to share - so much for those lessons!)

(i have some more pics but will upload them later - blogger is having issues!)


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