somewhere, show me, sharing

these are luca's three favorite new phrases. or as he says them:

  • "shomewhere" - in response to questions like: "where is your car/horse/block?" "where do you want your cup?" "where did your papi go?" occasionally, he will answer more specifically after he answers "shomewhere."
  • "show me" in an excited and high-pitched voice usually followed by the words mama or dada - this actually means - come look at what i did or found and most used in the backyard
  • "sharing" - when luca is demonstrating his use of this wonderful new concept that he has begun to grasp, mostly do to the blue's clues book we checked out of the library book a few weeks ago and that is sadly due back this week.

what i have learned from luca over and over again is that your children will pick up your most used words, phrases, and expressions. i never knew how much i said the word somewhere in response to jesse and luca until the last couple days. we laugh every time now. and whenever luca is excited about something he did or found, i ask him to "show me." what a reminder the power of the spoken word. throughout the Bible, we are warned about foolish talk, speaking in haste, and knowing how to hold our tongue. my little boy (and soon my sweet girl) will learn so much from watching us. they'll end up being my greatest disciplers in this area.


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