luca's world in technicolor

orange and purple. those are luca's two favorite colors.

over the last two weeks he suddenly has taken a huge interest in colors and now can label almost everything by its color. the world has become a much more exciting place now that he can yell, "blue truck!" when we are driving or "yellow circle," when looking at a book. he also can ask me much more descriptive questions that i can easily understand. now he can tell me the color of something when he is trying to get his point across - much more satisfying for the both of us. yesterday, we successfully discussed stop signs while coming home from the doctor. he asked, "red that?" while i was busy watching the road and i didn't have to almost get in an accident to understand what he was saying. he loves finding orange and purple items and calls orange, "his fabrite (favorite)."

one piece of information that was disturbing to luca: his hair is blonde! while describing papi, mama, and gia's hair as brown, he then pointed to his head and said, "brown." i took him to a mirror and said, "mama's hair is brown and luca's hair is blonde." he was not excited and became a bit sad even when he realized he was different than the rest of his family. we have since listed others who have shades of blonde hair (uncles cameron and christian and one of his best buds olivia) and told him that we love his hair like it is. this has helped and he now proudly points his head stating, "blonde!" it never occured to me that he would be disturbed by this difference - or that he didn't realize it was different in the first place. i forget sometimes how much he still has to discover about the world.


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