last visit until autumn

grandpa hart came over yesterday evening for a brief visit. it is sadly the last one we'll have from him until the end of september. he is flying back to texas in 9 days to spend some much needed time with jesse's mom and all of the fam in houston. we have loved seeing him so often this summer, but are glad that he gets to be with his sweetheart. they are celebrating their 38th anniversary this month and we know it is so hard for them to be apart while he is up in illinois working.
the weather was gorgeous last night, so we spent time sitting on the front steps, drawing with sidewalk chalk and singing to gia. luca was mighty impressed with his mwa-mwa's drawing skills and gia loved to feel the scratchy beard and play with his oh so shiny gold chain.
(this pic of luca is one of my new faves - it captures his sweetness that is so hard to get in a photo at this crazy busy age.)


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