a hot day for new experiences

it was another humid hot day in central illinois. when you add the oppressive heat to the opposing nap schedules to my life, there is not much freedom to leave my house. thankfully kelsey called and invited us to a local (free) water park. the three of us joined them this morning and this time luca actually got wet. he was bit nervous at first and sat next to me for awhile watching the other kids run and play. he could only resist the temptation for so long when his buds anna, micah, and alli were running through the sprinklers. gia stayed pretty stationary considering the ground was so rough to crawl on. she did enjoy the button to turn on the water and caught many an unsuspecting child in the face with her antics.

he's having so much fun!


gia going for the button again.

luca discovered that his wet feet made cool marks on dry cement and we discussed the idea of footprints. he is a bit sad that he cannot leave marks all the time (i.e. when his feet are dry) or that they disappear, but he is mostly excited about this new discovery.

he also thought it very interesting that if you look in the sky one direction there could be "no clouds", if you look in another there may be "lot clouds," and in another only "one gia cloud" (meaning small).

we had home group for the first time this fall tonight. home groups are cornerstone's version of a small group/house church/fellowship time/etc. we have joined a new group this year due to scheduling difficulties, but are super excited. we already have many close friends in the group and the new faces seem very friendly and fun. the kiddos did not get to bed until 9:30, so let's pray for a lie-in tomorrow (so british of me).

gia drank water out of a glass tonight and initially was turned off by the cold sensation. like her brother at the water park, she overcame any discomfort and was too tempted to try it again. and again. and again. poor karen had to share her water with drooly baby. we don't need to tell her about the spit-up :)

my house is a mess and i guess i will deal with the chaos tomorrow, because this mama is tired. ciao!


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