hangin' with uncle cameron

last night we travelled out to champaign to visit my brother cameron who just started at the u of i. he just finished his first week of being out on his own and we thought we'd pop in say hi, see his new living space (just as small as i remember), take him out to dinner (a our favorite restaurant but we did let him choose as it was an early birthday celebration), and visit our old church service sng (through illini life). we took cam to "crash the pastor's" (since he had not been to enough parties in one week). the crew at i-life put together a very cool coffee house feel and cameron was impressed by something striving for more than a crowded balcony and cheap beer. i did not take one picture the entire evening (weird, for me) but i thought i would take a trip down memory lane and post some pics of cam meeting luca and gia. and lets go even farther and look at cameron back at age 7. i love this picture and still remember the day it was taken. after seeing his scruffy 8 days facial hair growth yesterday (he forgot to pack his razor) i was reminded of how fast he has grown up. one day i will be thinking the same about luca, wondering just when he became a man.


Roxanne said...

that last pic is tha cameron I remember- crazy! I hope Katy bumps into him!

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