girl time

due to luca sleeping in almost every day until 8:45 (we've been keeping him up later with all of our church stuff - home groups, friday and saturday night service, etc.), gia and i have been able to spend the mornings by ourselves. her personality has been just blossoming lately and i love having this time together. here are some things that take place during these times:

  1. she plays the "slap the spoon when it is full of oatmeal" game (the walls are much messier these days, not to mention my hair) and belly laughs when she makes contact. we're trying to nip this one in the bud as quickly as possible.

  2. another new favorite is to chase me and the cats around the house now that she is CRAWLING ON ALL FOURS! yes, she is now much faster and is taking much pleasure in her new found speed.

  3. she is not too fond of the brushing of the hair. now that her hair is too long to be unadorned (it falls in her eyes) and she began to pull barrettes out of her 'do and put them in her mouth (major choking hazard!), she now needs some combination of pigtails. she starts yelling and shaking her head when i pull out the comb and rubber bands.

  4. sometimes, though, we just hang out and play silly games, sing silly songs, and try not to wake the silly brother when gia gets excited and begins to babble at top volume.

the pic is gia with her lovely, crazy morning hair, pre-brushing, chillin' in the rocking chair while we play in her room.


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