gia is not so little anymore

well, honestly, was she ever?

seriously, gia is actively crawling (well, army crawling) around the house. she actually made her way from her bedroom to luca's room this evening and then crawled over to his piano and sat up to play it. that's right she can now get to a sitting position all by herself. the downside of this so far is that while falling asleep, she sits up and is so sleepy and disoriented, that she can not remember how to lay back down. we had to lower her mattress today, because of this new skill. she even tried to pull up to stand. she got her little bottom (maybe not so little) in the air and then looked around wondering what to do next. she is growing up so fast. i remember one of the most bittersweet memories of luca's infancy being this transition from young babyhood to older babyhood. when i would regularly find him sitting in his crib after sleeping, instead of laying down, i was a bit sad that we had ended that season of his life. now that gia is entering this same stage, i am even more sentimental. now i have two babes who have begun the amazingly beautiful and difficult journey of becoming their own people who will rely less and less on me (at least physically).

the second sign of growing independence or just plain stubbornness - gia is rejecting nursing. she went all day saturday pushing me away and wanting to get around and explore. i finally broke down and gave her a bottle at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. the last few weeks have been building to this moment - she has continued to lose interest, giving me mere minutes of her precious time. i did get her to nurse first thing this morning, but she had bottles the rest of the day. such a change from luca's monster buffets and continued nursing until almost 13 months.

i look forward to seeing the woman Giavanna will become, but I am in no hurry to get there. I pray that I can learn to savor this time in her life.


Libby said...

Annalea! I read your blog about how you need feedback on whether or not people read and enjoy your blogs...and since then I've been a regular!! I just want to let you know how awesome it has been to stay in tune with your family through your writings. I SO appreciate your raw honesty and reflections on even the little things. You have made me anticipate motherhood so much more (not that I'm gonna go right out and make a baby, but ya know) :) Hope to see you soon in BN at some wedding event! love, libby

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