attack by the neighborhood cat - part 2

so back on friday i posted the first part of my cat attack story. i was pretty shaken at the time and as the adrenaline left my body, i felt drained and exhausted. basically my cat zion and a cat that regularly roams our block (we'll call it scary guy) were fighting on friday afternoon in the driveway. i went outside to call zion in the house and found her hiding under the car while the scary guy was pawing, mewling, and hissing. i walked a bit closer to give zion some courage and she finally shot out from her hiding place and ran in the house through the open front door. scary cat darted to chase her, but i was in the way. i backed off to the side and yelled for luca (who was standing in the doorway) to close the door right now. thankfully, he immediately obeyed and slammed that door right on scary guy's face. unfortunately, i was stuck outside with an irate cat while holding my seven month old daughter. scary guy started making . . . well, scary noises, gia began to scream in terror, i continued to back away, and then scary guy attacked. i blocked gia with my body, turned to the side, and kicked out my leg to ward off the hissing and clawing cat. it latched onto my leg with claws and teeth. i was able to kick it off and flung it across the yard. after running in the house, i was able to take a deep breath and give luca a high five for listening so quickly and completely.


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