too young to call me that

no not anything inappropriate, but luca has begun calling me "mom" over the last few days. my response to him after the first time, "you're too young to call me mom luca." he is my little guy still and "mama" should flow from his lips. we have always referred to ourselves as "mama" and "papi" (sometimes "dada" since it was so easy for luca to say last year). so where did he learn this new, sad habit? probably observing other little ones addressing their mothers. or adults who tell him to "go by your mom" or "what did your mom say you can do?" well, i don't want to be a stickler about it , but i will try to break him of this yet.

to the right, some sickly-sweet pics of the kiddos playing in gia's room this morning. in case you were wondering, today was not like yesterday; luca has needed multiple timeouts in his room - but i kept my wits about me (and a healthy dose of the holy spirit!).


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