sick days

the last few days have been a rollercoaster of illness for our babies. luca's temp went back up on sunday night and hit 104. the next day he remained between 101 and 103 the whole day. he spent most of the time on the couch reading books and watching way more tv than usual. it was sad when he told me, "head hurt. tummy hurt. eat too many bwueberries (blueberries)." luca loves blueberries so much that i have to cut him off while eating them. i always tell him that if he eats too many it will make his tummy hurt. this makes sense to him and he usually stops asking for more. so now that he is sick, he associated it with eating blueberries at breakfast. gia woke up congested and had a bad cough. she could not get comfortable throughout the day. i spent half of the afternoon rocking and walking her and she cried most of the time even with a paci and blankie.

monday ended peacefully and the next morning, it seemed like luca was on the up and up. when i asked him how he felt, he said, "all bewwer (better)." then when he asked for medicine and i said no, he cried, "head hurt." i did not fall for this tactic - he did not get any medicine. an awesome thunderstorm rolled in after breakfast, blacking out the sky. we played in gia's room with the windows open to listen to the rumbling thunder and crashes of lightning. i love storms and i enjoy sharing the experience with luca and gia. in the afternoon, luca was a bit more subdued and quiet than usual and gia was still a bit irritable. we still went to the weekly church bbq and there were no major problems.

which brings us to sometime after 1am this morning when luca started crying. his temp was 105 and he was burning up. we (i should say jesse, because i stayed in bed - but i didn't know how bad it was and i definitely would have gotten up if he had told me) brought his temp down with more cool, damp cloths. he woke up groggy and cranky and is spending a lot more time in front of the tv and reading books while resting.

i was so tired this morning that it was nice that both of them were peacefully watching the wonder pets (our new fav show) while i took a brief rest. how cute are they? the best part is when luca asked me, "mama two babies?" meaning he wanted me to cuddle with both of them on my lap because when we do that i always say, "mama loves her two babies." that sweetness will get me through the day. please pray for our health and endurance.


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