playing with friends outside

last week, mama megan brought over ethan, aj, and olivia to play. luca had such a great time running around in cowboys hats around the horsey fort, playing with the gravel in the trailer in the driveway for our path, and splashing with olivia in the water table. olivia even taught him how to play ring around the rosie. with his love of jumping and falling it is an excellent game for him. here is a video of the boys (possibly reluctantly - i mean they are almost 6 years old) joining the young 'uns for a round.

we ended the morning by pulling out some sidewalk chalk. megan drew a hopscotch board and she and the boys used some gravel to play. luca attempted to join them - i wish i had a video of him jumping crazily all over the sidewalk - he passed the end of it by 10 feet easily before turning around and running back. he also showed off his growing knowledge of colors - well, he didn't always label them right but he knows that purple, red, blue, yellow, and green are colors.

these kind of days make me sad for the winter growing closer. has anyone ever tried chalk on hardwood floor?

the funniest part of the time for me was after lunch when olivia informed luca that you know you have to go the bathroom when you start tooting alot.


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