a pina colada night

you know you've had a long day when you want to skip dinner and go right to the alcohol. i am not a big drinker, but i do enjoy the occasional glass of wine or mixed drink (especially the fruity kind). but since getting pregnant with luca, my drinking is limited to a few times a year. last night when jesse cam home from work i was spent. i kind of hid out from the three of them - i admit i let jesse deal with a teething baby and a strong willed and unruly two-year old. but i had them all day, so cut me some slack. i even skipped dinner, thinking what i really needed was a stiff drink. well, when the night wound down and jesse finally got them into bed, he came downstairs and said, "if only we had some vodka or tequila in the house." so it was not just me who needed something to take the edge off. well, we then had the bright idea to run and get the fixin's for pina coladas (jesse went and i stayed home - we weren't that far gone to leave our children home alone). so last night you could find us sipping ice cold, yummy pina coladas in our living room. we just had to close our eyes and pretend to be poolside in costa rica with some phil collins playing in the background - just like our honeymoon almost seven years ago.


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