peek boo tickets

this evening we went to the world of winnie the pooh play. the production was sponsored by the local library and was held at one of the high schools in town. luca really loves winnie the pooh - he actually calls him peek boo. he can say winnie the pooh now but at an early age started the nickname and it caught. his mwa mwa hart and scrunchies bought him a walking, talking winnie the pooh last fall and it has been love ever since. although luca continued to be sick today, he was excited to go and i really wanted to take him. we had been talking about it all week since picking up the tickets at the library last week. he kept calling the play "peek boo tickets" since i made such a big deal of getting them in the first place. i figured we could always leave if things went south. nothing to fear, aside from throwing his stuffed animals (pooh bear, eeyore, tigger, kanga, and roo) and spending the last 5 minutes jumping on the stairs in the center aisle, it all went fine. even gia got into the music while gnawing on tigger's paw. she just sat and stared at the stage the entire time like the laid back second child she has been thus far. although this photo is a bit grainy, it captures the smiles on their faces so well. when driving home, luca happily sighed, "peek boo tickets."


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