no plans and loving it

we are winding down another beautiful saturday at the hart home. today has has been full but without any real structure (not counting meals and naps). jesse and i were just reflecting about the difference between this summer and last. we were so busy and it seemed that we were gone more than we were home. between weddings, family, and major house projects we started the fall wanting to hibernate until spring. over the last two months we have enjoyed just being. watching luca enter boyhood more and more everyday and discovering the kind of baby girl gia is.

instead of having an extensive "to-do list" each day, we feel the freedom to get done what we get done. if i could come up with a list at the end of this day to summarize what we accomplished it may look like this.
  1. gia cuddled with us in bed this morning
  2. luca built a "fort" for his animals with some toys and books and gia showed off her piano playing skills to her papi before breakfast
  3. luca and i watered the plants and checked on the still green tomatoes
  4. luca and jesse played air guitars and rocked out to revolution by the beatles
  5. gia danced, bobbing her head and swaying side to side, for the first time
  6. i had my first real extended work-out time since gia was born
  7. jesse almost finished installing the brick border for our path (yeah!) and got a heck of a tan in the process
  8. i got two loads of laundry done
  9. gia and i had an impromptu photo shoot in the backyard
  10. luca took a super long bubble bath and then peed all over his bedroom floor while laughing


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