mwa mwa hart comes to town and other fun adventures

we are exhausted, but have had fun getting there. this weekend began with gia's second tooth crowning - yeah, a little less crankiness! she is definitely an overachiever when it comes to this teething thing. i think luca had only two teeth at his first birthday party - since i am so tired i have license to be wrong about this. i will check his baby book later and make my apologies if i am incorrect.

we then took a family trip to menards and a local building materials dealer to buy the supplies for our garden path. since finishing our fence, we have had a muddy mess around the gate every time it rains. we desperately need to finish this path. actually we were at menards when we noticed gia's tooth. luca enjoyed making her laugh while they hung out in the mondo carts. she has taken a page out of baby anni's book and will now scrunch her nose up and open her mouth wide when she laughs and smiles. it is really cute, especially since it is accompanied by some funny breathy noises.

when we got home, i got a little crazy and decided to start scraping the peeling paint off of our front door so it can be repainted. add the prep work for the path and we were working hard. it helped that one of our favorite people - mwa mwa hart (jesse's dad) - was on his way to visit! he arrived with excellent timing (right when luca woke up from his nap). we grilled out while lovin' the gorgeous weather. mwa mwa hart helped luca refine his taquito making skills.

luca thinks his grandpa is a big toy for his enjoyment. he did not want mwa mwa to hold gia and or to sit and relax. they played tee-ball and luca impressed us all with his skills. he hit the fence at the back of the yard consistently. in this video i had the nerve to accuse luca of getting tired. he quickly proved me wrong. i should note, that luca is right handed, yet you can see he chooses to bat lefty.

after a hearty breakfast (eggs, beans, rice, chorizo, tortillas, smothered with salsa), we continued to work on our path and front door, but mostly just took in more of the beautiful summer. here are some great pics from the day.

luca walking on our brick path border.

gia being adorable showing off her standing skills.

mwa mwa helping scrape the front door.

luca and mwa mwa talking to grandma scrunchies on the phone.

mmmm - peanut butter and jelly!

how sweet are these two!

we ended the weekend by going to the mall for a very special event. i have been looking forward to this since i found out we were having a girl last august. gia got her ear's pierced! she was a trooper. the girl in the shop was surprised she didn't cry more. i had to hold her in a death lock so she couldn't move - one arm wrapped around her body and one hand on her forehead. she did have some tears, but cheered up once she saw my matching earrings (jesse bought them as a late promised birthday present). i love baby earrings!

jesse thought this was hilarious.

i know, we made our baby cry.

a happy girl once again.

and to top it off, here is an update of our horsey fort. everyone who could fit (meaning the children and the little grandpa) played inside.


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