The Movie

so jesse and i saw The Movie on thursday night. you know the one. considering i have had the countdown clock on my blog for the last month and that i am a huge fan of the books, i will throw my two cents in the mix. don't worry, i won't reveal any secrets or spoil anything for those of you who have not taken time in the last four days to see it.

it is what i expected. i enjoyed myself, even if it is about a 10th as good as the book. how much more can we expect from a 2 hour plus movie? one thing i continue to wish was done differently: dumbledore's character - he is much less humble in the movies and a lot of his quiet, understated power is lost. in this movie particularly, several of my favorite scenes from the book were changed or not present.

what helps any bit of disappointment i might have - book seven comes out next week!! to the critics who questioned the wisdom of the close release dates, i say all the better. it keeps die-hards like myself from letting any frustration from the far inferior movie versions of the "boy who lived" grow. in anticipation for next weekend, i say cheers!


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