little gentleman

is is funny to me how quickly things can change with young children. one day (or maybe one week) they are complete monsters frustrated with their limited skills and moodier than a teenager (granted i have never had a teenager, but i was one, and i don't remember being that ridiculous - haha - my mom will read this and vehemently disagree i am sure).

today, however is a different story. while leaving the chiropractor's office, i was beginning to tense up about the impending carseat battle. we left the house with little fuss, but that guarantees nothing in my book. i am walking to the car and luca suddenly stops and runs back to the door. i turn, ready to tell him he needs to follow me, and possibly run back and get him if he decides to bolt for the parking lot. instead he gets to the office door and with a little effort, opens it up for an elderly women exiting the building. she was so thankful and told him, "you are such a little gentleman." i wholeheartedly agreed and was quick to praise his thoughtfulness.

i was so much more patient with him the rest of the morning so i am not sure who has changed more - the two year old or the mama. i do know that i need to continue to seek God's supernatural power in this area. thankfully he is merciful and gracious to my shortcomings again and again.

i am glad i did not send luca to the zoo.


Roxanne said...

what a sweet boy, that is an awesome moment and you get to see that all your teach him by doing, telling, and most of all being does get in there.

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