a hot weekend for a fest

this weekend was the local arts fest and you could find our clan there both afternoons. on saturday, we toured the vendor booths (beautiful but kinda pricey jewelry, glass, pottery, etc.), watched luca make crafts in the children's area, and enjoy some tasty food. we considered letting luca have his face painted, but considering he sweats about as bad as i do (his nose since infancy has had almost perpetual beads of sweat on it) and not being sure he could sit for that long without fussing, we went with the leg stamp. he chose a giraffe. we then made a necklace with foam beads, spelling out his name and choosing wild animals as spacers. (other crafts included a plate with food stickers and a thermatrope from the library). it was so hot (and of course i could not find a single hair clip or rubber band in my huge diaper bag), so we left a bit earlier than planned. jesse's dad came out again and stayed the night. he took us out for dinner to celebrate jesse's professional engineer license. after eating two breadsticks in the first 10 minutes at the table, luca went on to eat a ton of salad - a great moment in parenthood. the boy used to eat anything i put in front of him in his first year and a half - but it has become much more difficult to get him to make good, well-balanced choices (what do you mean i can't just eat bread, cereal, and crackers?). so yeah for a whole plate of lettuce, tomatoes, and maybe a few croutons!

after church today, we went back to the fest and ate a picnic lunch on the quad near the stage. listening to some amazing blues, luca enjoyed the trumpet. he looked at us in some disbelief when we told him his uncle jay and olivia's mama megan use to play the trumpet - he will reserve judgement on that fact until he sees it for himself. some friends from my mom's group were nearby and luca and their little guy did a fantastic job sharing - two 2 year old's people - while playing "golf." since it was another scorcher (granted it was only in the nineties, so i should probably save that one for the days closer to the triple digits) we had to get ice cream. it melted so fast that our hands were incredibly messy at the end.

to prep for the upcoming release of the new harry potter movie, jesse and i also rewatched the third and fourth movies over the last few days and are hyped for the fifth installment. while watching, jesse gets to ask me a million questions about what is different in the books and for insight on the backstories; considering i have read them 5-8 times depending on the book, i am more than happy to give him the low-down. watching movies in the air conditioning was a nice retreat from the heat.


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