willful disobedience

i think that phrase sums up my day. willful disobedience. luca is so cute and endearing, sweet and beautiful, but on a day like today i want to go in my bedroom, lock the door, and hide under the covers - and put earplugs in so i don't have to hear the yells. yes, i admit, i did not want to be around my child today. over the last year i have spent a lot of time trying to discern when and how to discipline. i have pleaded with my friends with older children for advice (and prayer). my care circle through my mom's group watched dr. dobson's your child video series on discipline. one of the most helpful tips i learned through that was to identify whether your child is being willfully disobedient or just childishness. well, i was easily able to tell that luca was being defiant and just plain naughty. i know that this will pass (or least other moms tell me) but it is really hard to look at the big picture, when your toddler throws something at your face for the tenth time. so i am exhausted and it doesn't help that my whole body is in pain and protesting from the chiropractor this morning. (which reminds me, the rest of my x-rays came back with curves that weren't supposed to be there and my left hip elevated above my right - yeah!) good thing gia took three naps in her crib today that were all an hour long for the first time ever.

good night! tomorrow is another day (that luca will probably throw more things and scream because he is 27 months old)


Roxanne said...

girl, I will pray for you- that is no fun. We always love our kids but somedays we may not like them very much. God is good and will help you discern what to do! (then I can call and ask for advice when my lil angel hits that phase)

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