will we be next?

two weeks ago, jesse's brother and his family moved to houston. jason, michelle, sage, and sofia join jesse's parents and sister becky not to mention a large portion of la familia munoz. my girlfriend roxi is known to give out the rockstar award to those deserving of special notice. well, jason and michelle are definite recipients. they drove from tampa to houston with two dogs, two cats, a teenager, and a six month old. michelle dubbed the trip "the griswolds move to texas."

now that all of jesse's immediate family are in houston, the question is "will we be next?" as of this moment, there are no plans for our relocation to that hot and humid place. it is very hard though being so far away from our loved ones. little sofia is only one day younger than our giavanna - how neat would it be for these girls to grow up together? they will have to settle with being each other's favorite cousin. here are some adorable pics of my sweet baby niece - look at those eyelashes folks - what a beauty! we can't wait to meet her.


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