a visit too short

i felt like an entire week was compressed into one three day weekend. last friday, the kids and i packed up the car and set off to visit with some of my dearest old friends. jamie, an old college roomie, was in town (chicago) from seattle with her husband and sweet lil' girl persis. our other college roomie and a high school friend, roxi, and her little one, annikah, and my clan met up with james at her parents home in oak park. it was so neat to be together with our children - it doesn't seem that long ago we were riding the bus around champaign-urbana our first week of school wondering where the heck we were, reading deep thoughts by jack handy, or going dancing at all hours of the night. now, we have these little people in our hands to raise and shepherd. how life changes. i feel even more connected these women then i have since college - we are once again in similar roles. with age comes wisdom and maturity and i would appreciate their daily presence in my life so much more now. what we take for granted when it is right in front of us (or sharing an apartment). when i was back in champaign at the beginning of the month, i drove past our first apartment and it made me laugh looking up at the balcony and remembering how the three of us all began dating our husbands while living there.

during the visit friday, jamie's old my little ponies and stable came out to play with luca and peris. luca has a lot to learn about being patient with a younger child while playing. he is in for a shock when gia can assert herself more and wants to take turns with toys. we also enjoyed a yummy picnic in the backyard (the weather was gorgeous). luca thought it quite funny imitating anni feeding roxi (he continues to want to feed me his food at every meal). although gia's fever broke on thursday, she continued to act a bit listless and cranky. during luca's nap, her spirits were a bit revived and the three girls (make it six with the mamas) played together on the floor. i couldn't help looking at these three little ladies - who all closely resemble their mamas - and imagining them growing up together. i pray they will see each other enough to be friends. then gia threw up.

we must of started dozens of conversations - wes (jamie's husband) kept shaking his head while listening to us talk. when you go so long between visits, there is so much to say, it is hard to stay on one topic too long. between discussing the use of cloth diapers and reminiscing on my sleeping through a history midterm in college, there just wasn't enough time.

i am so thankful we had the opportunity to see each other. it will be neat to watch each other and our children grow. more to come on our action packed weekend.


Roxanne said...

It was great to see you and finally meet Gia-she amazed us all with her sleeping! :) that last picture of Anni cracks me up- she looks like Shrek.

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