toe hurts and a screaming gia

can we all say i-l-l . . . i-n-i? my little 'uns and i just got back from an overnight trip to champaign-urbana with my parents and younger brother. cameron will be a freshman this fall at the university of illlinois (my alma mater) and we joined him for his summer registration. we stayed at our friends' house - thank you so much wilcoksi family for the use of your home - we felt welcomed and loved.

cameron, luca, gia, and i drove together and our trips to and from champaign were very similar. luca being goofy, singing silly songs, and saying "toe hurt" fairly regularly. gia screaming and inconsolable even when uncle cam was bending over backward to give her the paci every 2 minutes - i think she just wanted attention.

luca's favorite new phrase - "toe hurt." whenever luca bumps his head or falls down, he comes to me saying, "head/hand/belly hurt" and wants a kiss. lately, he has been saying toe hurt about a thousand times a day. now i am not being a bad parent by just ignoring my child's claim to pain, but after luca makes this statement when i am trying to clean his face three mornings in a row, you too would be dubious. i have since learned that he says "toe hurt" when any part of his leg or foot is bumped, bruised, or merely prodded.

while cameron and mwa mwa cashew spent tuesday on campus, cece (my mom), the kids and i took a leisurely walk around the neighborhood admiring gardens. we also went to strawberry fields, a yummy organic grocery store and cafe in urbana, for lunch. before leaving town, i drove cam over to PAR (pennsylvania avenue residence halls) to show him his new home come august. i too lived in PAR (was it really 10 years ago?) and had fun visiting my old haunts.

in the pic above, luca makes his "cheese" face - will we ever get a photo with a real smile again? :)

below, the fam on the porch swing chez wilcoski (luca was napping) and gia sticking her tongue out at her uncle.


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