three times in one day

so i have a tendency to really focus on something when i am excited. i will stay up till the wee hours of the morning to finish a good book, i will spend hours working on a scrapbook when i get in the groove, and now i am writing a third post for my blog on the first day of its existence. i have been having trouble falling asleep at night and i would rather be productive than sit and watch the food network.
today, we worked on our horsey fort. "what is a horsey fort?" you ask. well, it is actually a bamboo teepee on which we will grow green beans. the idea is that it will not only serve us as part of our vegetable garden, but that it will be a fun addition to the backyard for luca to use. luca is pretty much obsessed with anything horsey. our little cowboy has been looking forward to the creation of his horsey fort. this evening we finished the ground prep and the construction and tomorrow we will plant and mulch.
i am becoming quite the vegetable gardener - at least i can say that until i see what my harvest looks like. i have drawn the conclusion that weeding is very similar to being a mom. you work and work and soon you have to do the same thing all over again. it is important to do these tasks because they contribute to the health and growth of the plant. you really need a long term perspective when it comes to parenting. most of your goals are 18+ years long.

some of luca's favorite things to do in the backyard:

  • stand on the top of his playset and sing the "bathnight song" (more explanation on that one later)
  • look for slimeys (worms) in the dirt
  • make a dirt, rock, leaf stew in his water table
  • pretend to be a squirrel.
gia's favorites include:
  • sitting in her carseat
  • sitting in her swing
  • sitting in her activity center
  • sitting in my lap
  • sleeping in all of the aforementioned places
we are so thankful for the warmer weather - just in time to cure the cabin fever!


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i love reading your blog. hope you don't get bored with it. cgm

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