strawberry shortcake party in the park

i love strawberry shortcake. she was a favorite as a child and i have never really lost the love of the smell of my childhood doll. that is why i was so excited to attend olivia's birthday party this afternoon. when luca woke up from his nap i asked him if he remembered what we were going to do this afternoon and he cried," happy birthday awdie cake!" (i think we all know what he was looking forward to.) gia dressed up in her cute little strawberry shortcake shirt (thank you scrunchies!) and her strawberry shoes, i donned my favorite strawberry skirt, and we were off to the park.

the pinata was a big hit (pun intended). ethan (olivia's older brother) knocked it down twice but none of the kids were able to open it. this gave megan an opportunity for some bat therapy and she swung hard to let loose the loot inside. (notice luca's cool bead necklace in the last picture - he got it from the pinata)

it took awhile to get the three candles lit in the wind, but after three rounds of happy birthday, olivia was able to blow out her candles (with some help from a gust of wind). luca was excited to finally eat the cake after such a grueling wait.

we watched olivia open many neat presents. luca did not have a problem with jealousy during this time, because sundresses and princess toys are not for him. she was wearing our present (the super adorable strawberry dress) and it came with a matching doll dress.

the party in the park was a great way to end a fun, eventful weekend. when i get more time i will tell you all about our day yesterday (at the blues fest in downtown bloomington).


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