the results are in

i went back to the chiropractor this morning for the results of my exam and x-rays. according to the doctor i have phase 1 spinal decay - the spinal cord curves to the left and has reversed curvature between two vertebrae (if you know more about this stuff than i do and i am not explaining it right don't bother to correct me, i understand it as well as i want to for now - thanks anyway!) i am going to need daily adjustments for the next few weeks - and i had my first one today. hello! that was super shocking - one second i am relazed, with my head tilted to the right and resting in the doctor's hand and the next he jerks my head and neck up and to the side. i hear all of these cracking noises and it kind of hurt. so when he says he has to do it i n the other direction, it took a lot of will power to trust him again.


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Hope you're feeling better. cgm

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