a pain in the neck and belly laughs

i have been having a rough month due to a major pain in my neck. i am used to pain from my fibromyalgia, but this felt different. so i made an appointment with a chiropractor and went in this afternoon. my hopes for a quick fix were dashed - just an exam and some x-rays. but tomorrow morning i go back and maybe i will have some relief.

it is so hard to be a mom when your body seems to be working against you. there are so many women out there who deal with much more extreme disabilities or conditions. our bodies are falling apart, broken. we live in this fallen world which is merely a shadow of what God intended. that is why my hope is not in this place but in the next - not the brief moment we are here, but the eternity that is to come.

if my children can bring me so much joy in this fallen world, how much more will i enjoy them in the next? watch how funny they are when they play together. that is my favorite thing right now about the two of them. they are truly playing with each other. luca blows rasperry noises at gia (epephant noises as he calls them) and then she blows them back. he also devises new games each day to make her laugh. it cracks him up when she grabs a toy from him - i think he doesn't quite believe she is not going to just lay there anymore.


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