no longer miserable

for almost a week, our little girl suffered though some kind of virus. she had a fever for a couple of days, then vomited for a few more, then she developed a rash all over her body and face. it was hard to see my baby so sick and unable to make her better. but i can finally say she is feeling better. she has kept down everything for the last two days and her rash began to clear yesterday afternoon. the doctor told us monday that that was most likely going to happen - it looks like he knows what he is talking about.

what i like about this picture is that illustrates several things i have previously blogged. one, the beach towel on the ground to protect against vomit. two, my daughter has inherited the crazy hair that reacts to humidity. three, if you look closely you can see gia's rash on her face and chest. and four, if you look even more closely, you can see gia's first tooth (on the bottom, her right).


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