white boys can jump

each wednesday, i pack lunches and the kids to meet jesse for lunch in downtown bloomington. the park district and local businesses sponsor free concerts every week with a wide range of music. we have become friends with the other regulars and luca looks foreward to seeing his "friends." it is such a neat way to break up our week and to have some family time. luca loves to dance and run around, but mostly he loves to jump! he and jesse eat their sandwiches (i have my salad), gia eats her veggies, we share fruit and snowman noses (carrots in luca speak), and we listen to the local talent.

gia has had a fever since her vaccines yesterday, so she and i spent the afternoon on the blanket. but once the tylenol kicked in, she was all smiles (at least for a few minutes). i caught some video of luca showing off his jumping skills (and also some of his two-year old craziness - watch him whip a rock at jesse's face!)

stay tuned for more stories of the amazing jumping lucciano!


the ultimate helmy-man in training said...

Wait for it, Wait for it...... You got to be quick and never take an eye off of Luca or else you may lose it!

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