i really is three!

this morning we went to chuck e cheese to celebrate olivia's third birthday. the best part about going at 9:30 on a tuesday morning? you have the place to yourself! luca loved putting the tokens in the slots, but was easily distracted from game to game. the two of them are both still young enough to have fun without even needing to play "for real." seen here at the right they are playing a dino race (without tokens).
olivia wanted to play in the tunnels and slide, but we weren't sure if she would be tall enough to climb up into it. after making it up, megan (her mama) told her, "wow, olivia, you really are three years old."
to which olivia exclaimed joyfully, "i really is three!"

here is some footage of the two of them breaking it down in front of the blue screen on the dance floor. luca is pointing out that he can see olivia and himself dancing on the tv.

i think their favorite part was when chuck e. cheese made an appearance to sing happy birthday to olivia (and brought an ice cream sandwich with a candle to blow out). olivia generously shared her treat with luca.

gia enjoyed looking up at the bright lights while being held by tracy (a friend of ours who came to help - you need a one to one adult-child ratio at this place) she usually naps at this time so she did zonk out finally and sleep amidst the loud music and bright lights in her stroller.


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