the helmy men

yesterday morning i was in bad shape. i had a lot of pain and wasn't sure if i could take care of luca and gia by myself, so jesse took a sick day (or a caretaker day as we call it). luca was really excited dada did not have to go to work, but little did he know he was about to have an even better day. what could top his papi staying home? a visit from the helmy men.

who are the helmy men you ask? the tree trimmers from the utility company. they were construction hats and luca calls them helmies. He loves helmies (really anything that goes on your head) and was so excited when they came into our backyard to trim branches off some of our trees. I was less than thrilled when they had to work over our vegetable garden, but they took a lot of time setting up protection.

jesse pulled a dining room chair over to the back door and luca sat and watched them work for over a half hour. he kept trying to talk to the men working, but sadly they could not hear him over the noise of the tree trimmer.

when they were finished with all of the actual cutting, we let luca put on his contruction helmy and go outside. they got a kick out of his hat and joked that he was coming out to supervise. the men also said they wished they could work in their pajamas.


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