happy dada day

happy father's day to all of you dads out there. we started out our day with presents for jesse. i was so excited to give him a book i recently found on the internet. it is called the dangerous book for boys. it is a book for the boy in every man - i recommend checking it out. we also gave him a cool "helmy man" t-shirt. in a previous blog, i explained helmy men, but what i did not include is that the ultimate helmy man (in luca's opinion) is spider man. probably something to do with jesse's love of this marvel hero. see this childhood photo of jesse - some boys never grow up. that is why the book was so perfect for him.

do you see the resemblance between jesse and luca? we do!

i tried to get luca to say happy papi's day to jesse when he woke up, but luca kept saying "happy birthday papi dada." by the end of the day he was saying "happy dada day." very sweet if you ask me. gia's present was the arrival of her first tooth and, hopefully, a respite (however brief) of her fussiness.

luca made a "king for the day" crown in children's church and proudly placed it on his papi's head. we then went back home for some rest before playing outside. we attempted to play at a water park in town, but luca was nervous about the spraying water. so we went back home and played in the little pool and elmo sprinkler. this was much more to his liking and comfortability. also, gia and i avoided the heat and rested inside.

at one point i walked outside and luca was drinking from a beer bottle. before you report us, i should tell you it was filled with water. jesse and i weren't quite in agreement about the wisdom of this. my point is that luca might just go pick up a beer bottle and start drinking. you might say that once he tastes the real thing he would stop and put it back down. well, not for our child. luca has already expressed an interest in "dada drink." so we thought, why not, let him taste it so he knows that he won't like it. this backfired when luca took a sip, said, "spicy," and asked for more. we have since explained that he will have to wait 19 years and then can enjoy
dada drink on his 21st birthday (which will also be st. patricks day - fitting, huh?)

i seem to have gotten a bit off track. last year i had matching polos for the boys to wear and this year jesse asked if i could do the same. i found white ones at target that even had the same emblem on the pocket. gia also was theme dressed.

we called our dads, the grandpas, before bedtime and luca was able to say happy dada day to them and his uncle jay - who celebrated his first father's day today. all in all, we had a nice day and were fully exhausted by the end.


enricopulatzo said...

Don't keep me in suspense: what beer did Luca like?

The Ultimate Helmy-Man in Training said...

He tried one of my favorite summer-time brews Left Hand Brewing Company's Jackman's Pale Ale

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