guca did it!

this is one of the most commonly heard phrases in our home. (or wherever you can find my son.) "guca did it!" it has several meanings. the first being the most obvious - "luca did it." this is usually said in a triumphant and proud tone, possibly with fists up in the air and a look of accomplishment on the boy's face. (like just now when luca successfully manuevered a spoon full of peas to his mouth without spilling.) another meaning - "luca is doing it." you will usually hear this if jesse and i get too close to luca while he is working on something he wants to do on his own or if we aren't close enough to see his impressive skills. a third meaning - "luca wants to do it." possibly pushing himself close to the desired activity or task, you will hear luca interjecting this if something exciting is at hand that he wants to do (usually all by himself).

it amazes me how quickly children learn things at this age. here is a brief list (incomplete but still impressive) of things luca can do or say this week that he didn't last week:

  • get into his booster seat (at the dining room table) by himself
  • get into his carseat by himself
  • take off his sandals by himself
  • sing happy birthday

i can't wait to see what this kid learns next - as long as it is not climbing on the kitchen counters or opening his bedroom door yet.


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