green beans are aggressive

growers, that is. yes, i am now even more of a dork . i am in awe of how a grean bean grows. they break their way out of the ground in just a week of being planted, splitting in half and unveiling two bright yellow-green leaves. in the morning yesterday, only a few had emerged from the soil and in only 24 hours almost three dozen little plants have come up. here is a very cool picture of one of my plants plus a birds-eye view of part of the row (notice the ground broken up around the sprouts).

these will, hopefully, one day grow to cover our horsey fort. i have been reprimanded by my father for not previously including a picture of the green bean teepee. so here it is folks. we'll post updates as the amazing plants do their thing.

oh and here is a picture of our vegetable garden sans orange cones and upside-down garbage cans (see the pevious post the helmy men.)


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