going to cece's

to finish off the story of our busy weekend, we traveled from oak park to my parents on friday. here are some of the things i learned during the next few days.

  • when driving in traffic on a major interstate, you will be willing to put the sesame streeet theme song sung by elmo on repeat for over 20 minutes if it means no crying or yelling.
  • during this same traffic, you will also make up a nonsense language to talk to your two year old in order to make him laugh and to keep your sanity.
  • do not try to talk to a two year old when he is eating his first ice cream cone ( or try to get him to look at a camera)
  • the best position to hold a baby when she is going to projectile vomit is facing out and the best place to hold this same baby is on the back porch where a hose can be used for clean-up
  • to be prepared for future episodes of vomiting, place several large beach towels around your baby at all times (it really will keep everything else clean when you are not on the porch)
  • three adults may still take two young children to the swedish days festival in geneva on saturday even if it is raining just to get out of the house and at least two of them will have unbelievably curly and wild hair due to this rain (no pictures will be provided - just take my word for it - my grandma found me in a crowd by looking for my hair)
  • festival vendors charge way to much for funnel cakes ($5 - really?)
  • a grandma will buy a funnel cake for her grandson regardless of this ridiculous price
  • two teenage boys can take their nephew to a park by themselves and all of them will return without injury
  • when your six month old is sick and cranky and needs to be held constantly, it is best to be at your parents so everyone can help you with your other child and give you an occasional break from comforting the sick one.
  • when the sun finally comes out, it will be time to get back in the car and drive home


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