gia's first haircut - already!

gia - our sweet five month old - has a lot of hair. she was born with a head full of dark locks, and although she had the typical hair loss in the first few months - you know the kind where a bald ring around the head develops - she was still left with a thick mop. at first her colics went in opposite directions so she had a perpetual mohawk on her crown. we lovingly called her the rooster. then as it grew, it began to lay flatter. i soon noticed that she had long locks an inch or two longer than the rest that hung down her neck onto her shoulders and her bangs began to reach the tip of her nose. we realized she needed a haircut at only 5 months of age. we think she looks super adorable in her pixie cut. my aunt nicole (who used to take me to beauty school with her when i was little to practice perms, beehives, etc.) razored (isn't she one trendy baby) gia's hair over memorial day weekend.
a shout out to other babies with so much hair they need barrettes in the first two months - miss stella you know that is you!


Roxanne said...

Wow- a hair cut already, did you save that hair- we coudl make a wig for my baldie 9 month old :).

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