do you think she could be teething?

that was the million dollar question jesse asked me when he got home from work. i hadn't considered it - i know, what was i thinking? luca didn't get his first tooth until he was 11 months old though. thankfully, one of us was thinking. we felt her gums and it seems like the top right front tooth is bothering her. we did a search for the baby orajel to no avail but tylenol and a lot of comforting put the girl to bed. pray we sleep through the night.

last saturday, the four of us went to the blues fest hosted by a local radio station. we brought food to eat, a blanket to lay on, and stayed for almost 5 hours. the music was excellent, but luca got a little crazy at the end so we missed half of the headliner, Jimmy Burns. what we heard was great, but beds were a-calling our little ones. what does this have to do with gia teething you ask? well, here is a super cute picture of her taken at the fest, bundled up in her moby wrap. i can look at this sweet face to remind me that this too will pass.


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