the dad olympics

last week i nominated jesse to participate in the dad olympics that our local radio station was hosting today. i thought i made a pretty good case for why he was so awesome and completely expected jesse to be a competitor. jesse thought it was quite amusing (i only told him after i filled out the on-line application). imagine his shock when he got a call last tuesday that they had chosen him (only nine dads were picked). so this morning, the whole gang went to the mall in town to cheer him on – even though we had no idea what he would be doing. we considered training on fast diaper changes last night but decided he had enough practice. well, it wasn’t as exciting as we had hoped. the first round was driving toy cars on an electric track and jesse sadly did not make it to the second round with only eight laps in 30 seconds. oh well, he still won some cool prizes. not only did we get some gift cards for panera and gloria jeans, but we got free concert tickets to see styx and foreigner next weekend! i know you are all jeolous. actually, we are pretty pumped –(now to find a babysitter).

here is a funny picture of jesse flanked by two much larger dads while waiting to take on the race track.

regardless of the outcome this morning - he is the best dad in the world and we are blessed to have him. i can't expound to much, because i need to save something to blog for tomorrow.

here is a self taken photo of gia and i while at the mall - obviously gia would rather be doing something else.


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