that is luca's favorite number. a few weeks ago, luca was helping jesse measure for the vegetable garden fence. one of the measurements jesse made was 89 inches. luca loved the sound of it i guess and has been repeating it ever since. (whenever he sees the tape measure now, he exclaims, "89!") this morning, on the car radio, the dj was giving the day's forecast and the high for the day was expected to be 89 degrees. almost immediately after she said this, luca cried, "mama, 89!"

"did she just say 89 on the radio?" i asked.

"uh-huh!" he replied, pointing to the speaker, "right dare!" it was the highlight of his day.

counting is one of his favorite pasttimes of late. he recently has begun to count houses while we are driving, pointing to each with a flourish, "1, 8, 9, 10" (this is his favorite series of numbers and uses it to count everything - stairs, toys, cheerios). when we pull in our driveway, he always shouts (i mean really shouts and wakes up gia every time) the number 9. where do you they get these things? who cares, it is super cute and keeps me amused (fuel for when he throws things - God's plan to help us through?)


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